Wärtsilä’s VP Of Energy Storage & Optimization Andy Tang Talks Tivo-ing Of Electricity

Andy Tang, Wartsila’s VP of energy storage and optimization, has had a winding road on the path to being a force for global decarbonization. He started in finance and telecom, becoming focused on optimizing infrastructure. He’d spent time in advisory roles, but wanted to pivot to a more direct leadership and ownership role. Two bridge … Read more

Cold Weather Heat Pumps Light Up Climate Fight

With supply chain woes clogging up the electric vehicle pipeline, it may seem that the whole global energy transition is spinning its wheels. Not so! Mobility does not own the whole decarbonization space. Buildings also claim a hefty share of greenhouse gas emissions, and the latest breakthrough in the area of ​​cold weather heat pumps … Read more

Ford Sets EV Sales Record, Again

Last month, we covered Ford’s greatly expanding EV sales. It turns out, it was just getting started. For May (May numbers come out in June), Ford made even bigger sales numbers compared to May of last year. “While the global semiconductor chip shortage remains an issue for the industry, our inventory continues to turn at … Read more