U.S. Ammonia Prices Rise in Response to Higher International Natural Gas Prices

The US price of ammonia, the primary source of nitrogen fertilizer, has risen by a factor of six in the past two years, and most of these increases have occurred since March 2021. Ammonia prices generally follow natural gas prices because ammonia is produced primarily from natural gas US ammonia prices closely follow international ammonia … Read more

Just Don’t Say “Climate Change,” & Manchin Is On Board With West Virginia Wind Power

Manchin and wind power? Say it isn’t so, Joe! West Virginia wind power is on the rise, but make sure you don’t mention the term “climate change” to Senator Joe Manchin III (R-Coal) or other red state Republicans. Black Rock’s 23 state-of-the-art wind turbines are now part of an “all-of-the-above” approach to West Virginia’s statewide … Read more

Neuropsychiatric Risks of COVID: New Data

The neuropsychiatric ramifications of severe COVID-19 infection appear to be no different than for other severe acute respiratory infections (SARI). Results of a large study showed risks of new neuropsychiatric illness were significantly and similarly in adults surviving either severe COVID-19 infection or other SARI, compared with the general population. This suggests that disease severity, … Read more