Comparing The US & China On Climate, Economy, & Other Outcomes Should Be Deeply Humbling For America

China has been much in the western press recently, and as usual has been cast in negative terms. It’s remarkable how inverted the Washington and European consensus is from China’s reality. The US is currently engaged in actively inciting responses from China, most notably with Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the first such trip by such … Read more

What You Should Know About the Psychedelic Ayahuasca

There’s been increasing buzz about psychedelic therapies. In July, bestselling author Michael Pollan highlighted their healing effects in his Netflix series, How to Change Your Mind. This week, four-time football MVP Aaron Rodgers revealed his use of the intense psychedelic ayahuasca in 2020, crediting it with improving his career and self-love. If you’re like many … Read more

Former Mental Health Czar Scorns Traditional Psychotherapy

When one of America’s most prominent psychiatrists expresses deep disdain for depth psychotherapy, especially when that criticism is misinformed and outdated, it should concern all of us. Dr. Tom Insel directed the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) from 2002 to 2015. Formerly a psychiatric researcher “at the cellular level,” he studied medications and neuroscience. … Read more