The Collective Denial of Evil and Its Impact on Psychiatric Treatment

From Narcissist Abuse Support/Sheri Heller, LCSW: “A therapist advises a woman who’s been stalked and harassed by her psychopathic ex-husband to meet him over coffee to address co-parenting. A young woman with severe somatization of trauma is told by her therapist that her psychopathic brother was engaging in sexual ‘play’ when he was raping her … Read more

What Is Environmental Racism? — Talkspace

Published on: 27 Jan 2023 A comprehensive environmental racism definition is: Intentionally or unintentionally targeting minority communities through environmentally harmful facilities and policies. The term was first coined in 1982 by Dr. Robert Bullard, who noted that living near hazardous waste sites (such as landfills, incinerators, chemical plants, refineries, and other industrial sites) causes disproportionate … Read more

Self-Sabotaging in a Relationship: Signs, Causes, & How to Stop It

As humans, we all crave intimacy and social connection. For some people, though, intimacy can be a source of fear and trauma. As a result, that fear might lead to self-sabotaging behaviors that damage or destroy intimate relationships. If these patterns aren’t addressed and corrected, they can lead to unhealthy relationships, loneliness, and social isolation. … Read more

What to Expect From Therapy — Talkspace

What Will Therapy Be Like? While everyone’s experiences with therapy can vary based on things like the type of licensed therapist you choose, what you’re seeking therapy for, and what your goals are for getting help, individual therapy is about solving problems and working towards healthier thoughts, actions, and relationships. At the beginning of each … Read more

Exploring the Effect — Talkspace

Published on: 27 Jan 2023 Global warming trends and changes in weather patterns have caused increased droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, heat waves, and other natural disasters across the globe. There’s more to climate change than just the weather, though. Recent research demonstrates a clear link between global warming and environmental racism, and studies confirm a … Read more

‘Smart’ Skin Patch the Future of Alzheimer’s Diagnosis?

A new “smart patch” composed of microneedles that can detect proinflammatory markers via simulated skin interstitial fluid (ISF) may help diagnose neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) very early on. Originally developed to deliver medications and vaccines across the skin in a minimally invasive manner, the microneedle arrays were fitted … Read more

Sleep Abnormalities Common In All Stages of Psychosis

Sleep disturbances are consistently high throughout the course of psychosis — with later stages associated with distinctive brain wave activity during sleep, a new review and meta-analysis shows. For example, compared with their healthy peers, participants in a chronic psychosis stage had reduced density, amplitude, and duration of spindles — or bursts of brainwave activity … Read more