A Profile of Mad in México

In México, they’re known as abandonadosor the abandoned ones—people trapped, abused and neglected inside the country’s psychiatric system. Other words used to describe them are the olvidados (the forgotten) and dejados de lado (the left out). Mad in Mexico, which launched in September of last year, exists to make “los abandonados” heard. It aims to … Read more

Dietary Fiber Tied to Lower Dementia Risk

Eating a high-fiber diet, especially one rich in soluble fiber, is linked to a lower risk of incident disabling dementia, new research shows. Investigators administered a dietary survey to 3700 healthy adults at midlife and then followed them for up to 20 years. They found that participants who consumed the most fiber had approximately a … Read more

Stories of unlikely friendships

Four stories of how chance meetings and unusual pairings evolved into something to be treasured What is it that brings two seemingly fundamentally different people together? Fate, circumstances, the natural human desire to connect with one another? It could be said that, whatever it is, it’s made harder in an age of bubbles – social, … Read more

Marijuana and Amotivational Syndrome | Psychology Today

People have touted amotivation syndrome as a symptom of excessive cannabis use, but I have always had trouble with this concept. I have watched many adolescents abandon their normal pursuits after discovering cannabis, but no one has shown me how to measure motivated objectively. The Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls was said to have asked people … Read more

Honoring Black Pioneers of Mental Health

We’re taking a look at a few of the innovators from the Black community who have helped shape mental health as we know it. The First African American Psychiatrist and a Pioneer of Alzheimer’s Disease Solomon Carter Fuller, MD, was a pioneering Liberian and African American neurologist, psychiatrist, pathologist, and professor. Dr. Fuller was the … Read more

4 Habits of Chronic Worriers and 1 Surprising Solution

“Oh no!” Source: Nandyphotos/fotosearch Bobby McFerrin’s famous song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is delightful to sing, yet offers that may be hard to follow. This article clarifies what may keep you from implementing McFerrin’s idea, and also what can help. What Is Worrying? When the wheels on a car turn, they should move the car … Read more

Does Cannabis Cause Schizophrenia? | Psychology Today

Many states are now making marijuana available for recreational use. Unfortunately, the popular literature and the internet are littered with misinformation and bias regarding the question of whether marijuana causes psychosis. Does cannabis cause schizophrenia? Some recent studies indicate that the answer depends on three factors. It depends upon your genes, it depends upon your … Read more

Celebrating the Leaders Who Have Advanced Mental Healthcare

As the United States marks Presidents Day every February, we celebrate the birthdays of our first president, George Washington, as well as the president who ended slavery in America, Abraham Lincoln. Imagine how Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment affected the mental health of the millions of Black people who had lived without hope … Read more

Is the Hype Around Psychedelics Bursting?

At the Horizons Conference, an annual gathering on psychedelics, this past December, the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement. It was a veritable who’s who. Anybody who was nobody (because the self is an illusion) was there. Like all Horizons conferences, the celebrities were unrecognizable to anyone outside of the academic circles of psychedelic science. Still, … Read more