The future of wellness

What happens when we mix cutting-edge tech with ancient wellness practices? Power on, ion on, PEMF level set to 2 (7.8Hz)… No, I’m not trying to land a plane, I’m just trying to switch on an infrared (PEMF) mat gifted by biohacking tech brand HigherDOSE , ready to try an energy transformation session, hosted by … Read more

A Profile of Mad in the Netherlands

Smack at the top of the Mad in the Netherlands homepage sits a logo that looks lit from within—a grayish-blue image framed by sturdy posts and a hinged pair of doors. It could be an “M,” or a gate. The Mad in the Netherlands logo. In fact, it’s both. “We had a very clear goal … Read more

Support your eye health

What is eye yoga, and how can it help us in these digital times? My eye health is something I’m keenly aware of, perhaps because nearly 15 years ago I became blind in one eye. After wearing contact lenses while wakeboarding, I developed an infection. This led to a stint in hospital where I heard … Read more

Early Menopause Tied to Early Dementia Risk

Earlier menopause appears to be associated with a higher risk of dementia, and earlier onset of dementia, compared with menopause at normal age or later, according to a large study. “Being aware of this increased risk can help women practice strategies to prevent dementia and to work with their physicians to closely monitor their cognitive … Read more

Should I disclose a history of sexual abuse?

Talking to friends, family, or your boss about personal trauma is incredibly difficult, frightening, and even risky – but it can be an important part of the healing process One of the biggest struggles when living with the aftermath of sexual abuse is disclosing the abuse to someone. It requires a survivor to not only … Read more

Dying to Stay Alive: A Ketamine Disaster

I have no idea how I have survived nearly two decades of brutal suffering at the hands of severe type 1 bipolar disorder. I spent months, even years sometimes, ‘dying to stay alive’, in bed, desperately trying to resist my suicidal thoughts and intentions with the curtains firmly closed; achieving nothing, going nowhere, and seeing … Read more

Challenging the status quo: Rupert’s story

As a teenager, Rupert experienced a period of debilitating anxiety – but, now, as a young entrepreneur, he’s using his experience to create supportive, uplifting environments for all As a child, I was always very confident, excitable, and extroverted. I enjoyed acting in plays and was featured in several TV commercials. Despite getting very nervous … Read more

Mindfulness Intervention Curbs Opioid Misuse, Chronic Pain

A psychotherapeutic intervention that unites mindfulness training, “third wave” cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and positive psychology significantly reduces chronic pain and opioid misuse, new research suggests. In a randomized clinical trial, 250 adults with both opioid misuse and chronic pain received either the intervention, called mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement (MORE), or supportive psychotherapy. Results showed the … Read more

7 unique, thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts

Treat your mum to something truly special this year, with our selection of thoughtful gifts With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 27 March, now’s the time to start thinking about how you want to treat your mum this year. Gift-giving is all about showing someone you care, and our pick of some of … Read more

The Sinister Return of Eugenics in the Age of Big Tech

From The New Statesman: “Adam Rutherford, [in Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics], writes that ‘though wildly popular across political divides…plenty of people vocally and publicly opposed the principles and the enactment of eugenics policies in the UK and abroad’. This may be so, but very few of the active opponents of … Read more