Ford’s EV Sales Are Way Up, With The F-150 Lightning Leading The Way

Ford recently announced some very good sales numbers for its electric vehicles. Overall, sales increased 139% compared to last year. “While industry semiconductor chip shortages persist, improved inventory flow in April delivered a significant share gain of 1.0 percentage point over a year ago with Ford outperforming the industry.” said Andrew Frick, Ford’s vice president … Read more

Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo Was Like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory For Tesla Nerds (a photo/meme journal)

There is no shortage of sensationalized media coverage when it comes to Tesla and its intrepid leader, Elon Musk. In recent news, Tesla has delivered yet another record quarter, continuing its meteoric rise as the fastest growing complex manufacturer in history. I also think I heard something about Elon buying Twitter or whatever; but I … Read more

Heatwaves Are Altering Our Everyday Lives

Chicago set a new record for warmest temperatures ever recorded on May 11, when O’Hare International Airport hit 90° F. Utah expects temps in the high 80s or low 90s this weekend. It’s been nearly as warm this week in New England as in southeastern Florida. Heatwaves have caused crisis conditions over the last two … Read more

Charging Along the Electric Tourist Drive

When planning a trip, an electric vehicle driver must take into account the ability to charge, either rapidly (on the highway) or slowly (overnight at their accommodation), as evidenced by a recent trip to Tasmania. The NSW grant program for destination EV chargers is designed to make that planning easier by building the largest destination … Read more