The History Of Solar Power Has Many Lessons

The history of solar power is fascinating. Solar power today is mostly photovoltaic technology that converts sunlight into electricity, with some concentrating solar power, solar hot water heaters, and solar ovens. Today, even for every small uses, we use sunlight in ways we might take for granted. In some countries, sunlight is used to disinfect … Read more

We Can Get To 30% Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks by 2030 — Here’s How

The past few years have been ripe with exciting news of new electric vehicle models hitting the market. Recently, the anticipated release of electric light-duty trucks has dominated consumers’ attention. From the more esoteric designs of Tesla’s Cybertruck to Ford’s true-blue F150 Lightning to Rivian’s R1T that invokes the outdoor utility of a Patagonia backpack, … Read more

Elon Musk: Tesla Giga Berlin Will Be A Gem For Germany, Europe, & The World

Tesla’s newest factory, Giga Berlin, will be a gem for the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the made-in-Germany Model Y delivery event at Giga Berlin. Elon handed off the first German-made Tesla Model Ys while dancing happily for his customers, supporters, and the world this week. @elonmusk dancing 😅 — Thorben (@ThorbenGroth) … Read more

Electric Bus Orders in Poland & Italy, NIO ET7 Reviews, Pipistrel Acquired — EV News Today

Dozens of electric vehicle industry stories have come out in the past few days. Aside from what we’ve already covered, scroll down below to find out what’s new. EV Charging News EVgo and The Save Mart Companies expand EVgo Advantage program partnership, introduce promotions at seven additional stores New technology to make charging electric cars … Read more

Will Higher Oil Prices Spark a Tesla Stock Surge?

Tesla stock surge? As Ukraine weathers a continued Russian invasion, sanctions are causing high oil prices, resulting in high gas costs at the pump for consumers. According to Oil Price.comthe event has many wondering if high gas prices could further accelerate Tesla’s rising stock prices and the overall adoption of electric vehicles. Brent Crude oil … Read more