Yes, More EVs = Fewer Emissions

If this past Super Bowl was any indication, the time is now for electric vehicles. The growth of EVs has been phenomenal over the past few years, with just over 2 million EVs on US roads by mid-2021. Yet we need to put about 70 million EVs on the road (as well as decrease the … Read more

ESG Lawsuits in 2022 Challenge Environmental Reporting Discrepancies

Zero emissions pronouncements by corporations seem visionary, illuminated, and authentic. They’re the kind of businesses we want to support, right? But a common pattern has emerged in which governments and investors are questioning the accuracy of some corporate environmental disclosures. Stakeholders are no longer blindly endorsing corporate claims about grand ways they’re addressing environmental concerns. … Read more

Electric Vehicles Cut CO2 Emissions — Huge Emissions Reductions Possible with Smart EV Charging

A new report, More EVs, Fewer Emissions, lays out strategies to maximize emissions reductions through optimized EV charging and provides clear recommendations for the transportation and power sectors. A new report from RMI has found that optimized charging of electric vehicles (EVs), which involves automatically and strategically shifting when an EV charges, could significantly reduce … Read more

Scaling Clean: Assessing Market Options for Clean Energy & Capacity in PJM

Scaling Clean: This report draws on original RMI analysis as well extensive as discussions with PJM states, utilities, customers, and clean energy developers. Spurred by state decarbonization policy, strong customer demand, and rapidly improving technology, carbon-free energy is playing a growing role in PJM, the United States’ largest wholesale electricity market. However, the pace of … Read more