Ukraine invasion raises price of gas-powered grey ammonia – pv magazine International

With fears over Europe’s gas supply tightening, the Australian government is forging ahead in the green hydrogen sector by launching a tech incubator HyGate and awarding Volt Advisory Group cash to develop a renewable energy microgrid. Australian business Fortescue Future Industries and Europe’s Airbus will work on hydrogen-powered aircraft and Kawasaki Heavy Industries is making … Read more

Floating solar project and a battery manufacturing co-op among nine projects funded in Australian coal country – pv magazine International

The government of the state of Victoria will fund a floating PV array and an initiative to locally manufacture solar batteries and install a portable renewable energy system for community services during emergencies, as part of its Latrobe Valley program. March 8, 2022 Bella Peacock From pv magazine Australia. The Victorian government has announced AU$1.98 … Read more

Solar parks could help to increase rainfall in arid regions – pv magazine International

New modeling suggests that the reduction in albedo caused by large-scale solar plants could double rainfall in the Red Sea coastal plain of Saudi Arabia. March 8, 2022 Pilar Sanchez Molina Large solar plants can act as rainmakers, according to a new modeling study. The report claims that utility-scale PV deployment in Saudi Arabia’s arid … Read more

Subsidies, interest rates, carbon prices could disrupt renewables expansion – pv magazine International

German and Swiss researchers have published a new study that questions the idea of ​​a continual decrease in renewable energy costs, given the reality of rising interest rates and higher carbon prices. They outlined a scenario in which interest rates could rise by up to 5% and public incentives for renewables would be gradually phased … Read more

Women crucial in transition to green energy – pv magazine International

This year’s International Women’s Day focuses on #BreakingTheBias and celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility in schools, universities, communities, and workplaces. One of the sectors where the participation of women needs a boost is the energy sector, says Evrydiki Fekka, Head of Lithium Batteries Product Management at Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems. In this article, … Read more

Equality must begin at birth; solar power is the solution – pv magazine International

Solar energy has many strengths, and impactful characteristics to witness at varying levels around the world. While homes and industries in the western sphere are using solar power to diversify their current energy sources and add some renewable to their existing mix, families and entire communities across Africa are using much smaller solar systems to … Read more

Australian researchers announce lithium-sulfur battery breakthrough – pv magazine International

Researchers from Australia’s Monash University have created a new generation of lithium-ion batteries to provide a cheaper, cleaner and faster-charging energy storage solution that outlasts lithium-ion alternatives and is rechargeable hundreds of times without failing. March 7, 2022 David Carroll From pv magazine Australia A team of researchers from Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering have … Read more