India’s interim H2 strategy ‘will push down cost of green hydrogen by up to 75% by 2030’

India’s decision last week to waive electricity transmission fees for green hydrogen production will help reduce the cost of renewable H2 to about $1.50/kg by 2030 — as much as 75% lower than today’s prices, according to a senior Indian oil company executive. India unveiled the first part of its national hydrogen strategy last week, … Read more

MIA’s Suicide Hotline Transparency Project

The “Suicide Hotline Transparency Project” was born out of the belief that creating transparency and public access around suicide hotline intervention and call tracing policies should be a priority. This would provide people in suicidal distress with the resources and information they need to make an informed choice about hotlines to call, particularly since call … Read more

A Therapist’s Guide — Talkspace

11 Tips for Setting Boundaries with Your Family Knowing how to set clear boundaries for your family can be difficult, but with the tips we share here, you can do it. Being prepared means you can be fully equipped with what you need to ensure you feel safe and respected in your family relationships. 1. … Read more

CPV-powered PEM electrolyzers for 1.2MW demo in Portugal – pv magazine International

Fusion Fuel Green has developed a small PEM electrolyzer that will be used in a green hydrogen project in Iberia. Elsewhere, India’s Adani Group and Canada-based PEM fuel cell producer Ballard Power Systems have signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate a joint investment in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells for mobility and industrial … Read more

The Sound of Science: ASMR’s Potential in Healthcare

Back in the ’80s, Craig Richard, PhD, would come home from school, sling off his backpack, and plant himself in front of the television to watch painter Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. Richard soaked in the gentle sounds of paintbrush on canvas as Ross conjured clouds and mountains and of the painter’s voice as … Read more