Do PTSD Service Dogs for War Veterans Suffer From Stress?

Source: kobbiep/pixabay On August 25, 2021, US president Joe Biden signed into law the Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers (PAWS) for Veterans Therapy Act. The legislation requires that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs establish a five-year program to provide service dogs to veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This action was greeted with much acclaim by … Read more

The ENIGMA-MDD Project: Searching for the Neuropathology of “Major Depressive Disorder”

INTRODUCTION According to its About page, “The ENIGMA consortium is an international effort by leaders worldwide. The Consortium brings together researchers in imaging genomics, neurology and psychiatry, to understand brain structure and function, based on MRI, DTI [Diffusion Tensor Imaging], fMRI, genetic data and many patient populations. The best return on our research investments will … Read more

Fear vs. Anxiety: How to Tell the Difference

Fear and anxiety are similar emotions that often co-occur and are easily mistaken for one another. Fear is a strong biological response to imminent danger. Anxiety is marked by apprehension and worry over things that may or may not occur. Both emotions can feel the same, but there are some important differences to note. To … Read more

Investment cycle means race is on to incentivize green hydrogen – pv magazine International

A report published by Irena hints the world’s politicians will have to get to work immediately to avoid another generation of fossil fuel-fired hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol plants being set up to run into the second half of the century. March 16, 2022 Max Hall The International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) has stressed the urgency … Read more

Lacking Mental Health Support, First Responders Turn to Peers

When Randy Jones got his start as an emergency medical technician in the 1970s, he wore a smock and a clip-on tie that reduced the chances a patient would grab hold and strangle him. With few job prospects in the tiny Kansas town where he grew up, the rush of running to emergencies in an … Read more

Australian electrolyzer invention enables green hydrogen under US$2/kg by ‘mid 2020s’ – pv magazine International

From pv magazine Australia New South Wales company Hysata is on track to commercialize the world’s most efficient electrolyzer, capable of producing green hydrogen for less than US$2 per kilogram by the ‘mid 2020s,’ it says. Moreover, the company believes it can reach gigawatt scale hydrogen production within a similar timeframe, saying its design is … Read more