Sublingual Dexmedetomidine May Rapidly Calm Bipolar Agitation

An investigational, orally dissolving formulation film of dexmedetomidine (BXCL501, BioXcel Therapeutics) can rapidly relieve mild to moderate acute agitation in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), new research suggests. The phase 3 SERENITY II trial included almost 400 adults with bipolar I or II disorder and acute agitation. Results showed relief from acute agitation kicked in … Read more

Unsubsidized utility scale solar changing shape of Danish PV market – pv magazine International

In a short interview with pv magazine, Flemming Vejby Kristensen, from the Danish PV association Solcelleforening, explained the surprising performance achieved by Denmark’s PV market in 2021, in which around 667.6MW of PV capacity was. Around 94% of this growth is coming from large scale unsubsidized solar projects and the segment’s main driver has been … Read more

The Censors Are Coming for Mental Health

In today’s open access to information, any amateur can stuff any claim with enough sweetened pie charts and cherry statistics to make any clue appear appetizing. Truth has always been hard to come by, but nowadays is obscured by the relatively even ability of anyone with WiFi to pontificate publicly. And then, a pandemic. When … Read more

13 Effective Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Learning how to overcome social anxiety can be grueling. Social anxiety can be so powerful that it can cause physical reactions that leave you shaking, dizzy, and terrified of being rejected. People who experience severe social anxiety know that sometimes even just thinking about being in a social setting can be overwhelming and excruciatingly painful. … Read more

Can Caring for a Pet Protect the Aging Brain?

Years spent caring for a dog or cat may help mitigate cognitive decline among older adults, new research suggests. In a large study of Medicare benefits, pet owners had slower cognitive decline over 6 years than their peers who did not care for a pet. “Previous research has studied the impact of pets on overall … Read more