Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protective Against Depressive Episodes?

New research is suggesting that there are “meaningful” associations between higher dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and lower risk for depressive episodes. In a longitudinal study of more than 13,000 participants, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (total and subtypes) was associated with a 2%-65% reduction in the risk for depressive episodes in patients with … Read more

Treating the Growing Population of Centenarians

For about the past year, Priya Goel, MD, can be seen cruising around the island of Manhattan as she makes her way between visits to some of New York City’s most treasured residents: a small but essential group of patients born before the Empire State Building scraped the sky and the old Yankee Stadium had … Read more

What You Need to Know

Eating disorders are among the most prevalent, disabling, and potentially fatal psychiatric illnesses, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated their burden, with a 15.3% increase in incidence in 2020 compared with previous years.1 This increase was almost difficult among adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa (AN), which is often insidious in onset and more difficult to … Read more