‘Comprehensive’ Model Flags Recurrence Risk for Panic Disorder

A new “comprehensive” model integrating a variety of factors may help flag individuals at risk for recurrence or persistence of panic disorder (PD), new research suggests. Investigators based in France and the United States analyzed data for almost 800 patients with DSM-IV-diagnosed PD. Results showed that having a “general psychopathology factor,” defined as the shared … Read more

Patients’ Mental Health a Focus for Primary Care Clinicians

Is it possible to separate the heart from the mind? The answer is “no,” according to specialists who met at the 39th Congress of the State of Rio de Janeiro Society of Cardiology (SOCERJ), an event held virtually in May. During a conference on mental health, physicians and psychologists recalled that long-term data have suggested … Read more

High-Intensity Exercise Helps Patients With Anxiety Quit Smoking

DENVER ― High-intensity exercise may help patients with anxiety quit smoking, new research shows. Results from a randomized study of 150 participants reporting symptoms of anxiety showed that among daily smokers who received a personalized, high-intensity aerobic intervention, rates of smoking abstinence were nearly twice as great as for those who received a lower-intensity exercise … Read more