TikTok’s Impact on Adolescent Mental Health

For younger generations, TikTok is a go-to site for those who like short and catchy video clips. As a social media platform that allows concise video sharing, TikTok has over 1 billion monthly global users. Because of its platform size, a plethora of resources, and influence on media discourse, TikTok is the place for content … Read more

Can Science Quell the Social Media/Mental Health Crisis?

Every day, another news article shines an alarming spotlight on worsening mental health problems faced by kids and teens. In my work as a psychiatrist, I’ve unfortunately witnessed this reality as rates of hopelessness, increased suicidal thinking, and anxiety increase. While I do what I can in my own practice to help kids and teens, … Read more

Who Is Most Concerned With Self-presentation on Social Media?

The study covered in this summary was published in Research Square as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. Key Takeaways A high focus on self-presentation was associated with female gender, higher extraversion, lower emotional stability, more frequent alcohol consumption, and having tried tobacco. Given the association of aspects of self-presentation with negative … Read more