Active Shooter Drills May Be Harming Children, but Doctors Offer Help

Gun attacks in classrooms across the nation have led principals and other school leaders to implement “active shooter” drills to try to increase the safety of their students and faculty. The drills can range from staging lockdowns and sheltering in place to quasi dramas with mock shooters roaming the halls. Although the goals of these … Read more

Police Often Called for Emergency Mental Health Transfers

University health clinics in Ontario, Canada frequently enlist law enforcement to accompany students during transfers to mental health facilities, a new study finds. Physicians fear that this practice is harmful. At some clinics, the police routinely handcuff students during the trip to the hospital. “The people we interviewed were all on the same page, but … Read more

Spain’s New Mental Health Care Plan Aims to Aid Young People

In light of the alarming increase in mental disorders, members of the Spanish National Health System’s Interterritorial Council (CISNS) approved the 2022-2024 Mental Health Action Plan on May 11. The document, long awaited by professionals in the sector, was launched in coordination with the National Health System’s Mental Health Strategy. The roadmap outlines measures that … Read more