Novel Drug Significantly Reduces Tics ― Without Side Effects

An investigational drug that blocks the dopamine-1 (D1) receptor reduces tics and is safe and well tolerated in children with Tourette syndrome (TS), a new study shows. Importantly, current medications for the disorder, ecocipam does not lead to weight gain, anxiety, depression, or tardive dyskinesia compared to placebo ― a factor that may lead to … Read more

Tourette Patients Vulnerable to Assault, Criminal Behavior

Patients with Tourette syndrome (TS) are more likely to be assaulted or to perpetrate a crime, new research shows. Results of a large study show that compared to the general population, patients with TS were twice as likely to be assaulted and three times more likely to commit a crime. However, study investigator David Mataix-Cols, … Read more

‘Robust’ Increase in Tics During the Pandemic Explained?

Updated March 4, 2022 // Editor’s note: This story has been updated with additional comments from Davide Martino, MD, PhD, of the University of Calgary, Canada. Early results from a new study show a significant correlation between tic initiation and social media use during the COVID pandemic in adolescents with a preexisting tic disorder. Dr … Read more